Bitcoin ETFs on Horizon, but End for Minimalist

Hey guys, Jordan here.

For now, we’re ending the Bitcoin Minimalist.

Here’s how we can still help you stay informed:

Bitbo Charts

Bitbo’s chart section has lots of charts to keep you informed.

Never miss out when we launch new charts. We send alerts of new charts we add via:

Bitbo Indicators

We recently launched TradingView indicators for the most popular charts on Bitbo Charts.

Get clarity into Bitcoin cycles and never miss key levels with our clear and simple indicators.

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Bitbo Calendar

Our Bitcoin Calendar shows you the most important upcoming Bitcoin events, like potential ETF approval dates, conferences, economic events, and more.

Never miss out on important Bitcoin events with our alerts. We send alerts the day before important events via:

Bitbo Dashboard

Our Bitcoin dashboard remains free to use as always.

Bitcoin Jobs

We’re going to be focusing more on, a job board for Bitcoin companies.

If you want to be alerted of new jobs, get alerts via:

End of the Minimalist

Thanks for reading the Bitcoin Minimalist.

It was a pleasure bringing you the latest Bitcoin news!

We may re-launch in the future but for now we’re focusing on adding more new charts and improving the dashboard.

If you have any suggestions for Bitbo products or features, just respond to this email! Feel free to email me at anytime at [email protected] or message me on X at @JordanTuwiner.

-Jordan Tuwiner