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The Bitcoin Minimalist Week 15 - FTX Contagion, Shell, and Blocks in ATX

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FTX storm continues

FTX has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More and more information is being revealed as connections surface. FTX bought out Blockfi shortly after Celsius went under.

This week Blockfi halted withdraws while customers were left guessing. Other news suggests Almeda, a company that appears to have been partnered with FTX, inside traded FTT token, according to sources.

On top of that, Genisis, the lending arm of Gemini, has halted withdrawals from it’s lending platform.


Bitcoin Policy Institute Suggests Proof of Keys

Out of all the FTX noise, Bitcoin Policy Institute and others suggest a ‘proof of keys’ movement, something that has been present within the community for some time but has never been truly implemented.

Blocks Hardware Wallet to Be Built in Austin, Texas

In other news, Block has announced that they are building their hardware wallet in Austin, Texas, one of the most prominent Bitcoin cities in the world.

In the press release, the company noted the considerations include a location with growth potential, operations, and engineering capabilities.

Shell to Sponsor the Bitcoin conference 2023

As the Bitcoin mining industry further expands, large industry energy leaders such as Shell are throwing their hats in the ring. Shell is signaling support through sponsoring the world’s largest Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin 2023.


After dropping from around $20k, Bitcoin bounced to a bottom of $15.7k and has stayed steady around $16.5k since.

So far, other news of Blockfi and Genisis has not pushed further price dumps. It is hard to say what happens from here, but the Bitcoin protocol itself remains unaffected.


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