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The Bitcoin Minimalist Week 17- Africa Conference, Gemini, And Riot #1 Miner

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Africa Bitcoin Conference

@AfroBitcoinOrg is hosting its Bitcoin Conference in Ghana. Guests such as Alex Gladstein, Jack Dorsey, and Jack Mallers are attending the event.

At the conference, Jack Mallers of Strike announced Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria support for Strike, all while the Nigerian Central bank limits withdrawals.

Jack Dorsey from Block also announced an investment in Rural Africa Bitcoin Mining with Gridless.

“Africa only wins with the help of Bitcoin and Bitcoin only wins with the help of Africa” - Obi Nwosu, Fedimint

Digital Currency Group Owes Gemini users $900M

Similar to other earning programs that have failed, Genesis lent out customers funds to secure a fixed stream of income. Now Genesis owes Gemini more in debt through its subsidiary Digital Currency Group. No BS Bitcoin covers it more in-depth here.

Riot Now the #1 Public Bitcoin Miner By Market Cap.

Riot has recently become the largest public Bitcoin miner by market cap, surpassing Marathon. These two companies are more than double the next leading competitor. Riot has been a leader in Texas and Demand Response.


Ledger Hardware Wallet

Ledger has released a touchscreen hardware wallet with an E-ink display called “Ledger Stax.” It has all the capabilities of other hardware wallets, with a larger screen and display.

Ledger Launches Ledger Stax, Designed by Tony Fadell (Photo: Business Wire)


Another week and we are reviewing the halving cycles again. Every four years, the amount of bitcoin that can be mined per block gets cut in half, which puts some pressure on supply. Some think this is the main factor affecting Bitcoin’s price.

Net Realized Profit/Loss shows when a Bitcoin was “purchased” (as analyzed by Glassnode) and when that bitcoin is under water. The cumulative effect of this can give us a sense of when holders feel the most pain. When there is extended pain, Bitcoin has historically bottomed.

We are currently in another region of pain and realized loss, where it Bitcoin has historically bottomed in previous bear markets.



Bitcoin Full Node on Android Phone

Texas is Bitcoin Country

Not Your Keys

Programmed Scarcity

Global Bitcoin Adoption

Debt to Miner Ratio


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