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The Bitcoin Minimalist Week 5 - NYDIG Accelerator, Strike Debit, and HAM Radio Tx

Week 5 is all about lightning and lighting development. Enjoy!

This week:

  • NYDIG lightning accelerator

  • Strike debit card and a lightning based bank account

  • @NVK and @Eiaine successfully send lightning tx over HAM radio

  • Mempool lightning dashboard

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NYDIG Lighting Network Accelerator

Ross Steven announces the NYDIG fund for lightning accelerator called “In Wolf’s Clothing.” This accelerator is targeting small teams, developers, and startups. It is an 8-week program run in cohorts that will be “non-remote.”

Strike Releases Debit Card

Jack Mallers announced last week that strike will release a debit card, allowing for direct deposit and remittance. “Now strike does everything my bank does.” - Jack Mallers

Bitcoiners Send International LN Transaction Over Ham Radio

@NVK from coinkite sent a lightning network transaction from Toronto to San Fransico. This transaction was 5% faster than copper wire and confirmed on lightning. Just another example of Bitcoin scaling and immutability.

Mempool Drops New Lightning Dashboard

Mempool.space released a beta covering metrics such as ISPs, geographical data of nodes (non-Tor), and capacity on the network, coloring the Bitcoin space with more data.


Bitcoin dropped below $20,000 for a short period after sideways price action for the past week. The price is now below the 200-week moving average again, a metric typically marking the bottom of a bear market.


Self-custody warning from global-macro Jeff Booth

Alex Gladstein Clip - A trojan horse for freedom

Nodes over miners

Bitcoin mining helps fund energy and stabilize the grid

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