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  • The Bitcoin Minimalist Week 8 - White House CBDC, Encrypted Block Explorer, Rate Hikes

The Bitcoin Minimalist Week 8 - White House CBDC, Encrypted Block Explorer, Rate Hikes

More signs of Bitcoin adoption, as well as push-back from the White House.

This week:

  • White House Proposes CBDC Research

  • Expected FED Rate Hikes

  • Nasdaq Looks To Offer Bitcoin Custody

  • Colorado Accepts Bitcoin For Taxes

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White House Proposes “Responsible Development Of Digital Assets”

In this press release from The White House, the use of CBDCs are proposed. The WH claims that agencies should further track the environmental impact of digital assets. In summary, the community felt this misrepresented the impact of digital assets (since the report did not mention Bitcoin) and was not grounded in reality.


Fed (Expects) Rate Hikes

Another Fed rate hike is expected today at 2 PM EST as inflation continues at around 8.2%. Previously the yield curve has inverted in economic crises like the dot com bubble and the 2008 housing crisis. It was briefly inverted in 2019 pre-covid and is now inverted again. Bitcoin Magazine Pro covered this, quoting Stanely Druckenmiller on the topic.

Nasdaq Seeking To Offer Institutional Bitcoin Custody

According to The Block, Nasdaq is looking to launch Bitcoin and cryptocurrency custody platforms. This is on the heels of the news that it would partner with Brazil’s largest brokerage firm to offer a cryptocurrency exchange in South America.

Colorado Accepts Bitcoin for Taxes

The Colorado Governor shared these plans in February, but the ability to pay state taxes in Colorado is now live through PayPal.

Other States, such as Ohio, have made it possible to pay taxes in Bitcoin since as early as 2019.

New Encrypted Block Explorer

Spiral for BTC released a new Block explorer that uses holomorphic encryption, allowing a lookup of BTC addresses without revealing them to anyone.


The Bitcoin price dropped briefly on the 19th in a flash crash down to $18,400, recovering back to $19,600. Price has been relatively steady the last three months moving within the $18,000 to $22,000 range.


Bitcoin Is A Mathematical Monetary Policy

Short-Term And Long-Term Holder Cross

Risk On Or Risk Off?

Why Inflation Wouldn’t Increase Security

Homeless Man Mines Bitcoin In 2013


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