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HRF Donations, Bitcoin Maintainer Steps Down, and HS Student BTC Education - Week 28

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HRF Gifts 2 Billion Sats to Bitcoin Development

The Human Rights Foundation, a Bitcoin proponent and supporter of the Oslo Freedom Forum, has donated $475,000 to 10 Bitcoin projects:

“The funding will support areas such as censorship-resistant communication, Bitcoin education in authoritarian regimes, core development and building local communities and education, with a focus on Africa and Southeast Asia.”

Bitcoin donations to open-source projects are important because there is often little funding for these projects since they are not run for profit.

Italy is Teaching Highschool Students About Bitcoin

A group of Italian University students has announced a new project called “BitGeneration.”

The project aims to bring more Bitcoin education to high schools. It will host meetings and provide formal training for Bitcoin learning in high school settings, such as wallet creation, seed generation, and full node setup.

Bitcoin Core Maintainer Steps Down

Lately, many Bitcoin Core maintainers have been stepping down. Recently, the reason for most of the developers leaving has been due to legal attacks.

It is unknown if this is the case here, but Marco Falke is the latest Bitcoin core maintainer to step down.

Read more about the story here.


Bitcoin continues sideways this week after the previous bullish week. Bitcoin’s bullish potential has been growing even amid overall macro bearish sentiment. Zooming out, Bitcoin is up 50% from its 6-month lows.

Willy Woo, one of the most famous and popular Bitcoin analysts, recently tweeted a chart showing the fundamental strength of the bitcoin network.

Some indicators are not available on his website, including the indicator pictured below.

The tweet included a chart of the Fundamental Strength Indicator (FSI).

“FSI tracks the strength of 17 fundamental and technical indicators” and is rising, showing more strength for Bitcoin.



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