Week 20 - Microstrategy BTC, Hal Finney Twitter, Bretton Woods

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Hal Finney's Twitter Account: Wife Tweets to Support ALS

After Elon took over Twitter, several changes were made to the platform. Last week, Elon said he would delete old accounts that weren’t active to free them up for users.

Fran Finney, the wife of the late Hal Finney, has chosen to take over the account and tweet for the first time since his passing. One, to keep the account active, and two, to release news of events such as a charity run for ALS.

Microstrategy Purchase $41M (2,500) Bitcoin

Today, Michael Saylor announced an additional purchase of 2,500 Bitcoin. The new total number of Bitcoin in their balance sheet is now 132,500 at $30,397 per coin.

You can view the detais of Microstrategy’s Bitcoin here.

SEC Counsel Resigns After Taking SBF Bribe

More information regarding SBF and the FTX trial has been released.

The General Counsel of the SEC, previously part of the CFTC, Dan Berkovitz, has resigned, citing bribes from SBF.


Former Russian President Says Bretton Woods is Doomed

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian President, has made some predictions for 2023, saying the IMF and World Bank will crash. He also mentioned nine other predictions concerning oil, the EU, and Elon Musk.


Through the Christmas break, Bitcoin broke down to $16,600, only $300 below the weekly high. More consistent sideways price action has followed, which has historically been a sign of a bottom in the past.

A simple 4-year halving cycle visual shows the previous historical lows. Currently, Bitcoin is rounding the 4th year, which has been near the bottom compared to previous cycles.



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